We Eat Dust And Like It

April 30, 2009

Timber Doodle Adventure Race

Molly and Justin (MoBiz), guised as the Rainbow Unicorns, traveled to Dexter County Park in Wisconsin for the Timber Doodle Adventure Race on April 25. This 10-hour race, put on by the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Adventure Racing Club, was anything but your run-of-the-mill AR. The race's namesake, also known as the American Woodcock (Scolopax minor), live in brushy woods near rivers and streams and eat worms and insects that they catch by probing in the soil with their long bills. MoBiz embodied the life of a Timber Doodle during this AR - battling a dizzying series of bike/hike O-sections, gnarly marsh treks, several team challenges (including a river zipline), and unfavorable racing conditions (rainy and 40s) - to come away with a 1st place overall finish. If you see Molly, be sure to ask her about the blindfolded worm search - meep meep!